Ēlim Šalam Likum, Milki Rouh, Milki Šamaš, Milki Yām, Milki Aretz, Berikoun-Berikoun-Berikoun…

Brothers and Sisters, Seekers of Truth and Lovers of Light.

The Great White Fraternity

An ancient fraternity founded around 1500 BC, or even a few hundred years earlier. The Great White Fraternity was a monotheistic religious community that began to function as an esoteric secret society in Phoenicia, and was then immediately adopted by Egyptian Priests.

There existed a great religious and spiritual connection between Egypt and Phoenicia, and especially between Memphis and Gebel (Byblos). Egyptian Priests also adopted the story of Adonis and Astarte that had occurred in Gebel, and identified the names of these divinities with those of their own, Osiris and Isis. The death of Osiris, and his resurrection, is the Egyptian version of the death and resurrection of the Geblite Adonis.

In addition, the Phoenician’s belief in the One Most High God “Al-Elyon” became the corner stone at the Temple of Akhenaton in Egypt, who initiated the preaching of the One God, Aton. Among the early prominent adepts and Initiates of the Great White Fraternity were Pharaohs Thutmose III (Initiate or born of Thot), Akhenaton (it pleases Aton) and his lawful adept Osarsiph (Hosarsiph) all three of Egypt, as well as the Canaano-Phoenician Kings, Melki-Sedek of RūŠalim (Spirit of Šalim, known today as Jerusalem), Ahiram of Gebel, and Hiram of Tyre (also known as Ahiram).

The Divine Messenger of the Great White Fraternity was Enoch-Taautus. Enoch (Anak) the Canaano-Phoenician became a Metatron—the chosen one who stood before God. The Father of the spiritual laws was also identified as Thot-Taautus in the Egyptian religion. He was also Mithra for the Hindus and the Persians; Enki/Ea/Oannes in Mesopotamia; Nabū/Nebo in the Babylonian mythology; Quetzalcóatl for the Mexican Aztecs; Thor in the Scandinavian tradition; Hermes-Kadmos for the Greeks, and Mercury for the Romans.  He was Adam-Kadmon for the Kabbalists, Edris for the Arabs and Muslims, and recently Enoch for the Druzes.

He was also the god of Wisdom, Science, and the occult teachings.

?? Notices:

  • The Great White Fraternity has nothing to do with the Great White Brotherhood (known also as the Great White Lodge) that is said to have appeared in the East and talks about Ascended Masters. Both Orders may have similar goals but not similar origins.
  • The Great White Fraternity has nothing to do with, neither is associated nor affiliated directly or indirectly to the Freemasonic Brotherhood (Blue Lodge, Rites) and/or the Templar Order (Priories, Commanderies) that have existed in the past or existing now in the world.