After its “Acceptance” at Mt. Hermon, the Tradition transmitted to Gebel and then to Misor!

After the Initiatic Tradition was first “accepted” by the seer Enoch at Mt. Hermon, it was moved first to the city of Gebel and from its ancient port, later on, Enoch and some of his adepts, sailed to Misor, the Land of Ham, and introduced the Tradition to Egyptian priests in Memphis and Giza, where the Pyramids were built.


Enoch-Thor became known as Thot-Taautus in the Egyptian Religion. The Pyramid denoted nothing more than a grandiose symbol of the Temple of God, dedicated by the Egyptians to their divine messenger―Thot-Taautus.

After being well established in Canaan-Phoenicia and Egypt, the Tradition journeyed around the world. In fact, Enock (Anak) the Canaanite-Phoenician became a Metatron, standing before God. Therefore, the Great White Fraternity consecrates Wednesday, as his holy day.

Gebel (Byblos) Temple of the Obelisks

Enoch was known as Mithra to the Hindus and Persians, Enki/Ea/Oannes in Mesopotamia, Nabū/Nebo in the Babylonian mythology, Quetzalcóatl to the Mexican Aztecs, Thor in the Scandinavian tradition, Hermes-Kadmos in Greece, and Mercury in Rome. He was Adam-Kadmon for the Kabalists. He later became Edris for the Arabs and the Muslims, and recently, Enoch for the Druzes. Sometimes, the father of the spiritual laws—considered as the divine messenger who accepted the word of God—was also regarded as the god of wisdom and science.

Later on, the Chaldean savants and magi used the Kabala, based on the esoteric meanings of the Alphabet, incorporating one of the most ancient languages on Earth, to invoke the spirits, either in the written form of talisman, or in the oral form of incantation. That was surely a deviation from its original source. And… throughout history, many religious sects and secret societies, whether appearing in the East or West, adopted the Kabala in their ceremonies of Initiation, but certainly under the influence of the Chaldean, or its later version—the Hebrew Kabala.

However, very few underwent the Initiation into the secrets of the authentic Kabala of Phoenicia and Egypt. The Great White Fraternity is one of the very few Orders that still hold on to the secrets of that authentic Tradition, and to say the Truth, it shall revolve, in time, around a more magnificent reality; a Resurrection of all the true faithful adepts of Enoch-Hermes—the first Instructor and savior of humanity—a son of God who triumphantly declared:

«Oh men, live soberly… Win your immortality; I will lead you on to salvation.»

Many Keepers and Adepts of similar authentic Orders around the world watchfully shielded the secrets from the ignorant commoners. Unfortunately, despite all this wariness, the shape of the true “Word” has been stolen, corrupted by the Chaldean-Judaic system and the Brotherhoods that followed it. The Great White Fraternity’s mission seems to have been thus to recuperate the Authentic Tradition, and are thriving to do so… during their rebirth!

The Mysterious Sphinx crouching in wait in front of the Pyramids

The whereabouts the Tradition was instituted across the world

Rebirth! Indeed, but it will be important as by now to know where the Tradition has moved across the ancient world and perhaps also perceiving some of the most important Orders that are still following it even today.

Ever since that ancient time and even to the present date, only a few have had access to it―the secret knowledge. Do you know why? It is because the voice of Thor had selected these few people, and very few, even from among them, proved to be qualified to carry the Secret―the Word. When time came, these men and women undertook their Initiation at the altar in their local Mystery Chambers, and into the very heart of Mysteries they entered with confidence.

The Phoenician Sea Route used by Phoenician seafarer and explorers to spread the Secret Knowledge across the world

Throughout Human history, they have appeared as great men and women of fame, mastering both the exoteric and the spiritual worlds. These few selected people have lived in different countries all over the world, and were sheltered in a few selected places. Those Chambers, scattered around the Continents, held the same Secret. It is said that Thor-Thot, the Thrice Great, established only two of them, himself, so as to say; the Mystery Chamber in Gebel, and another one still operating clandestinely at Memphis, in Egypt. The descendants of Thor-Hermes secretly organized the remaining Mystery Chambers around the world, for the same purpose of Initiation. The Hierophants, the Keepers of the Chambers and the Scribes too, who appeared in those countries, followed the same Tradition as those of Canaan-Phoenicia and Egypt; they kept the Secret hidden from the eyes of the vulgar.

Nowadays, all around the world, the Initiates of that special Order count very few. In each Mystery Chamber, the transmitting of the Tradition to new adepts is done from “mouth to ear”. Other than Phoenicia-Lebanon and Egypt, the Great White Fraternity was established or instituted in Greece, Iraq, Palestine, India, Tibet, Japan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and the New World—America—discovered by the ancestors, the Phoenicians, way before Christopher Columbus did. In fact, it has remained barely rerouted since ancient times, geographically speaking!

The Stonehenge in Britannica or Bar-Tanakh (Land of Tin) is related to the solar cult!

Before we finalize this sequence of “Inside the Order” in the next article about the Sacred Alphabet, it will be important to know, as per now, the very few Religions and Fraternities that were/are in direct affiliation and/or indirect relation with the «Great White Fraternity». The most important of them all are:

  • the Hermetists,
  • the Pythagoreans,
  • the Therapeuts of the Egyptian desert,
  • the Asayas—with their ascetic Nazarene branch of Mt. Carmel and Galilee,
  • the Christians,
  • several non-dualist Christian Gnostics,
  • several Alchemists of the Hermetic tradition,
  • several Theosophists,
  • several Anthroposophists—who believe that Christianity is a unique spiritual system for the evolution of humanity and that—without Christ—humanity might well bring about its own destruction.
  • some Poor Knights of Christ (the Knights Templars who don’t follow Rashi of Troyes) who follow secretly the Hermetic Tradition and consider Christ the Temple of which they are his Knights,
  • some of the Sufis,
  • some of the Druzes,
  • some of the Freemasons who adopt the Temple of Šalim in their rites and consider that the 3rd Master Degree represents the Resurrection of the Master Christ on the 3rd Day,

… and of course, some of the Rosicrucians who seek to accomplish the Great Work by identifying Christ as the Philosopher’s Stone.

The Rosicrucian Symbol for the Phoenix & the Rising Cross!


Written by the M.S.B of the Council of 12