Are there any Meeting Places?

Meeting places are actually working since we have started reviving and organizing the Order as well as accepting members. They are called «Assemblies» and are actually managed by four Officials: 1 Councillor, 1 Mentor, 1 Secretary and 1 Treasurer (Please click on the icon “Officials” in this menu to see the designated Councillor in your area).

In Assemblies, members of the Great White Fraternity, mainly the Listeners of Level 1, will meet to discuss the Introductory Handbook and/or the 22 Guidebooks (Please click on the icon “Guidebooks” in this menu to know about their contents) that are gradually delivered to them by the Mentor working at that specific Assembly and assessing their progress as Seekers of Truth and Lovers of Light (Please click on the icon “Officials” in this menu to see the designated Mentor in your area).

Please also consider the Facebook Secret Group (please click on it) as a virtual meeting place to share your thoughts, if you wish.

Working Assembly

. GWF Phenok Assembly — Lebanon (welcome Members from Lebanon and from all around the world)

Councillor > Shady Zoghby (Contact Email:

Mentor > Karim El Koussa  (Contact Email:

Secretary > Helena F.           (Contact Email:

Treasurer > Elie Bassil         (Contact Email:

Potential Assemblies in the coming few months

USA, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, London, Paris…