The existence of this ancient Fraternity in the past and in the present.

Some of you may not know how the Phoenicians used to work. Phoenicians were very secretive people, and used to keep everything they do under total secrecy. Example of such is: their trading routes, their sea voyages, their dye manufacturing, their art of masonry, etc. If we look back and see how the skillful Phoenicians used to manufacture the purple dye to create the “Royal Purple” for example, we will find that it was done in total secrecy by the artists involved in it. Every person was fetched at the end of the day by a superior to see if the secrets of the trade are being betrayed. When found loyal the superior will pay them the wages, when found guilty they will be expelled.

The same system was carried on by the “Sacred Builders”, mainly from Gebel and Sūr, who became officially entrusted by the Great White Fraternity to build Temples to the deities the Phoenicians worshiped, mainly the Temples dedicated to Ēl the Most High, the Ēlohims (Baal, Adon, Yām, and Šalim) and to the Goddesses (Anat, Ashirai, Astarte). Sacred Builders built Temples to host the Divine according to the “tri-une” nature of man (we will come to that in the teachings), and this was all done in total secrecy using sacred measurements, so as to say. One of the most reputed Architects of these “Sacred Builders” was Hiram Abiff who commanded the Great Work by the power of the Tau! Egyptians, like their brothers the Phoenicians, followed suit in the building of the Temples and Pyramids. Fortunately, most of the Egyptian monuments stood still and unfortunately most of the Phoenician monuments were destroyed, however, thanks to Phoenician authors and historians like Sanchuniathon, Iamblichus, Philo of Byblos, etc, and the findings at archeological sites in Gebel, Sūr, Ugarit, etc, that we have been able to recuperate the Phoenician Religious practices and Tradition, which if we compare to the Egyptian’s, we will certainly find a great match.

Today, the «Great White Fraternity» is yet to be an organized Order but we have already found parts of its Initiatic mysteries at the heart of certain religions, fraternities, brotherhoods and secret societies that we have mentioned in the Introductory Handbook and which members shall receive once they apply for their membership to the Fraternity. We are among the very few important groups and Orders that are somehow focusing more than others on the Canaanite-Phoenician Tradition and are actually working on reviving that ancient lore.

We have thoroughly explained in the Introductory Handbook the actual religious and physical existence of this ancient Fraternity in the past (and indirectly in the present) in both Phoenicia and Egypt and around the globe. Within its pages, official members would thus read all about the historical Great White Fraternity, its religious beliefs practiced and performed by its great «Divine Initiates», and «Sacred Builders» who shaped its very existence in Temples and Sanctuaries.

We are now in the process of reviving it locally in Phoenicia-Lebanon, and Internationally in the USA, and bit by bit, hopefully, all around the globe, in Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, London, Paris, etc.