What are the Guidebooks?

Apart from the Introductory Handbook (Average period of 1 Month) which will introduce the member to the History of the Fraternity, its past physical existence in both Phoenicia and Egypt and around the globe along with its religious beliefs practiced and performed by its great «Divine Initiates», and its «Sacred Builders» who shaped its very existence in Temples and Sanctuaries, there are 22 Guidebooks we use in our Level 1 and contain some of the most important teachings of the Great White Fraternity and are divided into 3 Cycles of handbooks:

~ 1st Cycle is composed of 9 handbooks and is as follows: (Average period of 9 Months)

. Handbook # 1: On God or Deity (Light, Fire Element)

. Handbook # 2: On Creation & Man (the tri-une being and theology of his/her psyche)

. Handbook # 3: On the Spiritual Journey in search for the self

. Handbook # 4: On Finding the Door and the Path

. Handbook # 5: On Opening for Revelation and Inspiration

. Handbook # 6: On the Physical Attraction in material gain (1st temptation on the path, Earth Element)

. Handbook # 7: On the Physical Attraction in war and power (2nd temptation on the path)

. Handbook # 8: On the Physical Attraction in sexual desires and the game of duality (3rd temptation on the path)

. Handbook # 9: On Encountering the Serpent of Foundation that will lead you back to your inner self (Awakening, the Enochian-Hermetic Kabala in comparison with the Chaldean-Jewish Kabala)

~ 2nd Cycle is composed of 9 handbooks and is divided as follows: (Average period of 9 Months)

. Handbook # 10: On Encountering the Master (Hand, Water Element)

. Handbook # 11: On Connecting with the Master in you

. Handbook # 12: On Opening to the Teaching and the Learning by the power of the Scepter (Alchemical Hermetic Teachings)

. Handbook # 13: On Opening to Intuition and Intelligence

. Handbook # 14: On Encountering the Child of Prophecy

. Handbook # 15: On Receiving Help and Support along the path

. Handbook # 16: On Perceiving the Eye of Providence and the Source of thinking

. Handbook # 17: On Hearing the Divine words uttered from mouth to ear

. Handbooks # 18: On Encountering the Devil, your Dark Side (4th temptation and final on the path of Enlightenment).

~ 3rd Cycle is composed of 4 handbooks and is as follows: (Average period of 4 Months)

. Handbook # 19: On Keeping the Secrets protected after winning the battle against the Dark Side

. Handbook # 20: On Learning how to live in Poorness by challenging Misery for the work of Sacrifice

. Handbook # 21: On Entering into the greatest Mystery of all where the deepest Secrets are kept close to the light

. Handbook # 22: On Meeting the Resurrected Initiate, the elected to the great power.

?? Notice: As part of his duties, the Mentor designated by the Councillor at any Working Assembly anywhere around the world may at any time ask the members for a certain task to do or a paper to write concerning the teachings that have been imparted in the Introductory Handbook and/or the 22 Guidebooks.