How can one become actual member in this Fraternity?

Official Membership to the Fraternity has been announced recently for those who are willing to be part of one of the most ancient Fraternities in the world, if not the most ancient. We are embarking in the process of assembling all the materials needed to make this official and operational.

Seekers of Truth and Lovers of Light, men (Brothers) and women (Sisters) alike, will be considered Official Members of the Great White Fraternity once they follow the steps mentioned in the menu icon “Join the Order”, and once their application form is agreed upon by the Acceptance Board (Please click on it to know about the Acceptance Board), they will be automatically sent the Introductory Handbook and gradually given the 22 Guidebooks (Please click on it to know about their contents) about some of the most important teachings of the «Great White Fraternity» by their Mentor (Please click on it to meet the designated Mentor in your area), along with a pin designed as per the logo used on this website and an ID card.

The Facebook Secret Group (please click on it) that we are citing on our website is only accessible to official members who have joined officially the Order. Only Official Members exist on the mentioned Facebook group.

We usually accept new members within 30 days from the date they submit their Membership Application Form and the annual fee of $100 is paid when they are accepted. This annual fee for Level 1 covers: 

. Official Membership in the Fraternity

. An Introductory Handbook

. 22 Guidebooks

. Facebook Secret Group

. A Fraternity pin

. A Fraternity ID card

Members, however, will be divided into 3 bodies or levels:

Level 1: «The Listeners» and these are the Outer Circle members who receive the essential Teachings through the Introductory Handbook, the 3 Cycles of 22 Guidebooks, and the posts published on the mentioned Facebook Secret Group (and/or the website if any).

Level 2: «The Initiates» and these are the Inner Circle members who receive the Divine Codes and Teachings through rituals at the Initiation into the 5 degrees while gradually finishing the studies of the 3 Cycles given also at Level 1 (Please click here to know how the journey is made).

Level 3: «The Sacred Builders» and these are the Upper Circle members who form the Council of 12 (in each country and/or globally) and were once the Initiates (the Listeners can’t reach such a Level without being first Initiated into Level 2) and have become afterwards the Masters Sacred Builders of the special consecrated sacred places all around the globe that we call «Beth Ēl».