The Mysterious Emerald Tablet and the Enochian Tradition!

The Mystery behind the Emerald Tablet and the Kabbalistic Enochian Tradition originating at the First Initiation Temple on Mt. Hermon in ancient Phoenicia.

Since we are all seekers of Truth, we would like to quote H.P. Blavatsky—the founder of the Theosophical Society—on that, “there is no Religion higher than Truth”, she says. We shall add, “except for the Light.”

It will be then important for us to understand that our journey in this life will not be completed if we continue walking in the shadow of the objects under the light, and even in the shadow of our own bodies. Since our bodies are the temples of God and the Kingdom of Heaven is inside us, then we should enter inside to perceive the Divine Light from within.

The Emerald Tablet written in Canaanite-Phoenician Letters

The Emerald Tablet

The Phoenician tradition relates to us that the “Emerald Tablet” of Enoch-Taautus-Hermes was found by a Phoenician priest, an Initiate of the Great White Fraternity, on the dead body of Hermes, in the land of the Kabirim. It was written by Henoch (Phenok) himself (or by his son Methusaēl or by one of his faithful adepts) in Canaanite/Phoenician letters on a piece of emerald stone with the purest of Gold. It contained the process of Alchemy, which focused on a spiritual enlightenment through a change in the physiology of the body, based on a transmutation of the sexual force.

The location where the findings occurred is not known, but suggestions have been given to 4 different places:

  • Mt. Hermon (where Enoch received the Initiation or the Divine Inspiration, revealed to him by the Angels of God—those Exalted Beings or Higher Selves),
  • The ancient Canaanite-Phoenician city of Rūšalim (spirit of Šalim and over which Milki-Sedek presided as High Priest of the Most High Ēl) known today as Jerusalem,
  • Gebel (the Sacred Land of Ēl in Hamitic/Afro-Asiatic language) known today as Byblos,
  • Somewhere in Egypt, most probably Memphis.

Others suggest that the Tablet was found by a certain man called Apollonius of Tyana, one of the  Pythagorean Initiates. He, Pythagoras, of Phoenician origin, often regarded himself as being the incarnation or manifestation of Hermes.

Enoch on top of Mt. Hermon

Whoever found the tablet, he indeed discovered the wisdom of the light, and the light shall set us free…

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes

(The Sacred Tablet of the Shepherd)

What I speak is True, without error, true and most certain:

  1. What is below is like that which is above, and what is above is similar to that which is below, to perform the miracles of the one thing, the Unitas.
  2. As all things were produced by the mediation of one being, so all things arose from this one thing by adaptation.
  3. Its father is the Sun; its mother is the Moon, while the Wind carried it in its bosom, the Earth nursed it.
  4. Its Father is that of all perfection, dispersing throughout the whole world.
  5. Its power is vital if changed into Earth.
  6. Separate the Fire from the Earth, the subtle from the gross, gently and with a good deal of sagacity.
  7. It ascends from Earth to Heaven and again descends to Earth, and revives the strength and unites the power of things, superior and inferior, God and Man.
  8. Thus, you will possess the light and the glory of the whole world, therefore, all obscurity will flee from you.
  9. This is the strong fortitude of all fortitudes, for it overcomes every subtle thing, and penetrates every solid thing.
  10. This is how the world was created…

Hence, all wonderful adaptations were of this manner, therefore, I am called Thrice Great Hermes, possessing the three parts of Wisdom (Sophia or PhiloSophy) of the whole world, and that which I have written is achieved through the Operations of the One.

Mt. Hermon also known as the Mountain of Acceptance and of the Meetings, for Enoch accepted the Tradition given to him by the Angels he met at this location

The Enochian Tradition

While understanding that the three parts of the Philosophy of the whole world is Alchemy, Astrology and Theurgy (known as Real Magic), yet, one might be wondering about the Tradition itself, the Kabala, as we have often read about and ignored its very beginning due to determined historical alteration over the years. In fact, the Tradition was—in both its Phoenician and Egyptian essence—the same, much more ancient and thus way too authentic than the Chaldean–Judaic Kabalistic System.

Well, it certainly goes back to Enoch-Taautus-Hermes. It all started with Enoch or Anak, the Canaano-Phoenician seer of Mt. Hermon, in Loubnan. Please note that the name Hermes, given to him by the Greeks at a later stage, might be a derivative of Hermon. Tradition says that Angels descended on top of Mt. Hermon and taught him a great universal, spiritual, and occult doctrine that Enoch accepted and called the «Kabala—قبل», which means «Accepting» in the Phoenician-Hamitic language.

Enoch is Henoch or Phenoch, the Phoenix that symbolized the secret cycle and Initiation. He was the first Teacher-Initiator and possessor of the true mirific name. He linked Humanity through an eternal concordance with the Father. Later, Enoch walked down the Mountain, carrying the Tradition with him to Gebel. In fact, Gebel could be articulated as Geb-El in the Hamitic tongue, and means the «Sacred Land of Al».

The Phoenix representing the secret cycle & Initiation

The First Initiation Temple

There, in Gebel, Enoch established his doctrine, and built a Temple to the God «Al», the Most High. Originally, he’d built it in the image of the open semi-Temple he’d previously erected with the help of his first adepts, among them his son Methusaēl at Mt. Hermon—the Mountain of Acceptance and of the Meetings. This semi-Temple was composed of a flat horizontal rock, lying at the top of a wide vertical rock, thus forming an altar, framed by two Pillars!

The vast star-illuminated sky above Mt. Hermon stretched as dome for the Temple. The sky was God’s habitat, surrounded by Angels. The altar at the top of the Mountain created the proper link between Earth and Heaven, man and God, and that, through the ever ascending and descending energies processed by the power of the two Pillars!

In Gebel, later on, the adepts of Enoch-Taautus built the Great Phoenician Temple, its Mystery Chamber with a cubical altar—having one pillar on each side. They then ornamented the walls with shapes, numbers… A wall painting of the Phoenician High Priest in a sacred ritual—the finest ever—stood behind the cubical altar; the Left Pillar was decorated with an ear of wheat and topped with a bright golden stone, whereas the Right Pillar was decorated with the vine and crowned with a glowing purple stone.

Two Pillars surrounding an ancient altar

Wheat & Vine, Bread & Wine.

Above, on the ceiling, the Zodiac, the Taurus Constellation, and the seven Heavenly Bodies.


Written by the M.S.B of the Council of 12

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