The Sacred Alphabet; a journey of Initiation!

The Sacred Alphabet conceived by the seer of visions at Mt.Hermon in ancient Phoenicia is a hidden code of symbols and meanings—a journey of Initiation!

Rebirth! Indeed, but what about having an interesting look at the Mystery of the Sacred Alphabet where the three aspects of the Tradition has been hidden!

The Sacred Alphabet

It was orally transmitted that “Barka-Thor”, one of the few Scribes working under Kadmus, who himself got initiated by Enoch-Thor, so as to say, was his loyal and devoted adept in the world of the Alphabet. Kadmus Initiated him, not only into the exoteric (not religious) part of the system, but also into the “esoteric dimension”. Before he left for the ancient continent of Europe—named after Europa, the sister of Kadmus himself, Cilix and Phoenix, daughter of King Agenor of Tyre, and mother of King Minos of Crete—Kadmus appointed Barka-Thor as keeper of the Secret of the esoteric (religious) nature of the Alphabet, hidden in the Temple of Gebel—the Sanctuary of Enoch-Thor.

Barka-Thor and his descendants, generations of elite, remained loyal to the Enochian Tradition. All, one by one, swore an oath to keep the Secret meaning of the Alphabet hidden from the ears and the eyes of the profane. For more than three thousand years ever since, the Secret was kept safe. Having been told that and believed in it, time for the Initiate has finally come, for he/she is going to open the wooden box (most probably made of Cedar wood) and retrieve the ancient papyrus—rolled and tied with a golden ribbon. They will untie the bow, unfold the manuscript and place it in front of their eyes. So, it was requested by their Mentors to have a clear mind… for indeed, a sacred secret was about to be revealed:

The Sacred Alphabet

Cycle I

1- Aleph is the Father, the Creative Force, connected to the Fire element.
2- Bet(h) is the Hermaphrodite dual-nature of the created Kosmos. It is the Body, or the Temple that holds the Spirit, associated with planet Saturn.
3- Gimel is the wandering in Nature, connected to planet Jupiter.
4- Dalet(h) is the Door and Path to the constellation of Taurus (the Bull).
5- He(h) is the window of Revelation and Inspiration, related to the Aries constellation (the Ram).
6- Waw is the material gain and attracting the physical, nailing man to Earth.
7- Zayin is glory taken by the sword, war, connected to Planet Mars.
8- Het(h) is the Sexual Instinct, binding humanity to Gemini (the Twins).
9- Tet(h) is the Serpent of Foundation. It is the mud; the Organic Earth that blossoms into Life, linked to the Cancer constellation (the Crab).

Cycle II

10- Yod(h) is the Hand, connected to the Water element.
11- Kaph is the Palm of the Hand, a sensible creator under the Sun.
12- Lamed(h) is the Teaching and Learning by the power of the Scepter, under the constellation of Leo (the Lion).
13- Mem is the Water of Intuition and Intelligence ruled by the Virgo constellation (the Virgin).
14- Nun is the Fish springing out of the Water, like the Child of Prophecy for the continuation of Time, manifested under Libra (the Scales).
15- S(h)amekh is the Help and Support given to escape the pointed arms of the Scorpio(n).
16- Ayin is the Eye of Providence and the Source of thinking that protects humanity from the danger of Sagittarius (the Archer).
17- Pe(h) is the Mouth uttering Words that make changes under planet Venus.
18- Sadhe (Tsade) is the other side, the Dark Side, Satan. It would hit like an Arrow, or capture Humanity with a Fishing hook under the power of the Capricorn.

Cycle III

19- Qoph is the Keeping of secrets inside the Back of the Head, under the constellation of Aquarius (the Water Bearer).
20- Resh is the Head that lives in Poorness, and challenges Misery for the work of Sacrifice under planet Mercury.
21- Shin is the abode of Mystery where Secrets are kept close to the Light under the constellation of Pisces.
22- Tau (Taw) is the Sign of the Cross, the Initiate, and the Elected to the great Power, up in the sky, when the light of the Moon fades out.

The Alchemical Process in Sacred Geometry !

In fact, these twenty-two letters represent the Alphabet’s Occult Doctrine; the original Authentic Kabala accepted by Enoch and received from the Angels of the Most High El, at Mt. Hermon. These mysterious divine symbols of great meanings are the secret keys of the Universe and its absolute principles. If one knows how to use them by will, since once can now identify their codes, one will be able to obtain wisdom and power! The letters are divided as follows:

  1. Three of them represent the elements of nature: Earth, Water, and Fire, whereas the fourth, the Air element, is considered the link and the mover of the other three elements.
  2. Seven of them represent the seven planets that influence Earth and its inhabitants: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon.
  3. The remaining twelve letters are images of the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Having revealed the secret of the Sacred Alphabet and the power that exist behind each letter of the twenty-two coding system revealed by Higher Beings to Enoch-Thor, and believing that “Time of Revelation(s)” has finally come to all people wherever they exist around the globe, the Great White Fraternity teaches that in preparation for the Age of Aquarius (coded in Cycle III, letter 19) and represented by the Water Bearer (the only human form in the 12 signs of the Zodiac), humanity must put aside their differences, problems and conflicts provoked by Satan (coded in Cycle II, letter 18) and represented by the Capricorn!

Humanity must therefore move from an Individual Consciousness into a Collective one, for the real spiritual Age of Pisces (coded in Cycle III, letter 21) would follow the flow of water, of pure energy (Aquarius) onto the Earth and upon Humanity, where the Ether (represented as the Dodecahedron by Pythagoras) will reign over the Cube, which when unfolded of its six sides, would reveal the Cross that precedes the ultimate Resurrection of the Initiate, the Microcosm of the Macrocosm, the Elected Humanity to the great Power!

Unfolding the Cube into a Cross !

It is then and only by then, that Humanity will walk surely with God under one flow of celestial water, one baptism by energy, one breath of Divine Consciousness, one Kosmic Reality.

Humanity which has been embedded in a labyrinth, one that very few escape, will then foresee its Liberation—that we’re all seeking as conscious Human Beings—outside the belief in Philosophical, Religious and Scientific «Dogmas» but rather through the free will and the in-depth implication with and into their Esoteric hidden side—with and into OUR inner Spirituality.

As Above so Below, echoed in the ears of the wise. It is now the age of the Homo-Cosmicus. So Meditate on the Human Potential of Becoming Cosmic on the image of Christ!


Written by the M.S.B of the Council of 12

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  1. Very interesting educational material you have published? I always considered myself a proud Phoenician but unfortunately know nothing much about my anncesters, our alphabets and our history. I thank you for such a fine and well written work. God Bless you?

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