What is the Great White Fraternity?

A short Introduction into the Great White Fraternity!

Historical briefing

It is an ancient fraternity, most probably founded around 1500 BC, or even a few hundred years earlier. The Great White Fraternity was a Monotheistic Religious Community that began to function as an esoteric secret society in Phoenicia, and was then immediately adopted by Egyptian Priests.

There existed a great religious and spiritual connection between Egypt and Phoenicia, and especially between Memphis and Gebel (Byblos). Egyptian Priests also adopted the story of Adonis and Astarte that had occurred in Gebel, and identified the names of these divinities with those of their own, Osiris and Isis. The death of Osiris, and his resurrection, is the Egyptian version of the death and resurrection of the Geblite Adonis.

The Phoenician Adon & the Egyptian Osiris are one and the same
The Phoenician Adon & the Egyptian Osiris are one and the same

In addition, the Phoenician’s belief in the One Most High God “Al-Elyon” became the corner stone at the Temple of Akhenaton in Egypt, who initiated the preaching of the One God, Aton. Among the early prominent adepts and Initiates of the Great White Fraternity were Pharaohs Thutmose III (Initiate or born of Thot), Akhenaton (it pleases Aton) and his lawful adept Osarsiph (Hosarsiph) all three of Egypt, as well as the Canaanite-Phoenician Kings, Melki-Sedek of RūŠalim (Spirit of Šalim, known today as Jerusalem), Ahiram of Gebel, and Hiram of Tyre (also known as Ahiram) as well as, of course, Hiram Abiff, the Sacred Master Builder.

Enoch (Phenok) receiving his visions while on top of Mt. Hermon

The Divine Messenger of the Great White Fraternity was Enoch-Thor. Enoch (Anak) the Canaano-Phoenician became a Metatron—the chosen one who stood before God. The Father of the spiritual laws was also identified as Thot-Taautus in the Egyptian religion.

He was also:

  • Mithra for the Hindus and the Persians;
  • Enki/Ea/Oannes in Mesopotamia;
  • Nabū/Nebo in the Babylonian mythology;
  • Quetzalcóatl for the Mexican Aztecs;
  • Thor in the Scandinavian Tradition;
  • Hermes-Kadmos for the Greeks;
  • Mercury for the Romans;
  • Adam-Kadmon for the Kabbalists;
  • Edris for the Arabs and Muslims;
  • Enoch for the Druzes.

Sometimes, the father of Religions & of Spiritual Laws was also regarded as the god of Wisdom, Science, and the Occult Teachings.


Some of the readers may wonder about the existence of this ancient Fraternity in the past and may not know how the Phoenicians used to work. Phoenicians were very secretive people, and that is keeping everything they do under total secrecy. Their trading routes, their sea voyages, their dye manufacturing, their art of masonry, etc, were example of such meticulous behavior. If we look back and see how the manufacturing of the purple dye to create the “Royal Purple”, we will find that it was done in total secrecy by the skillful Phoenician artists involved in it. Every person was fetched at the end of the day by a superior to see if the secrets of the trade are being betrayed. When found loyal the superior will pay them the wages, when found guilty they will be expelled.

The same system was carried on by the “Sacred Builders”, mainly from Gebel and Sūr, who became officially entrusted by the Great White Fraternity to build Temples to the deities the Phoenicians worshiped, mainly Temples dedicated to Ēl the Most High, the Ēlohims (Baal, Adon, Yām, and Šalim) and to the Goddesses (Anat, Ashirai, Astarte). Sacred Builders built Temples to host the Divine according to the “tri-une” nature of man, and this was all done in total secrecy using sacred measurements, so as to say. One of the most reputed Architects of these “Sacred Builders” was Hiram Abiff who commanded the Great Work by the power of the Tau!

Hiram Abiff during his architectural work of sacred building

Egyptians, like their brothers the Phoenicians, followed suit in the building of Temples and Pyramids. Fortunately, most of the Egyptian monuments stood still and not so fortunate were most of the Phoenician monuments which had been destroyed due to different reasons, mainly, by the hand of many conquerors that invaded the Land throughout the thousands of years. However, thanks to Phoenician authors and historians like Sanchuniathon, Iamblichus, Philo of Byblos, etc, and the findings at archeological sites in Gebel, Sūr, Ugarit, etc, that some of the Phoenician Religious practices and Tradition have been recuperated, and which if compared to the Egyptian’s, one will certainly find a great match.

Today, the «Great White Fraternity» is yet to be an organized Order but have already found parts of its Initiatic Mysteries at the heart of certain religions, fraternities, brotherhoods and secret societies, that members will come to notice once they read the “Introductory Handbook” which they shall receive once they apply for their membership into the Fraternity and after being accepted. In truth, this Fraternity is among the very few important groups and Orders that are focusing more than others on the Canaanite-Phoenician Tradition and are actually working on reviving that ancient lore.

The Introductory Handbook that was penned under the instruction of the Council of 12 thoroughly explains the actual historical and physical existence of this ancient Fraternity mainly in both Phoenicia and Egypt and then around the globe. Inside its pages and the 22 Handbooks that follow on a monthly basis, members will read about its religious beliefs practiced and performed by its great “Divine Initiates” and “Sacred Builders” who shaped its very existence in Temples and Sanctuaries.

And that brings us to their secrete rites!

Inside the Initiation Temple


There are of course religious ceremonies or rituals to be performed at the «Great White Fraternity–Phenok Council» Temples that they call Beth Ēl (House of the Father Ēl) and are naturally left secret from the eye and ears of the 1st Cycle Listeners of Level 1 who commit themselves on studying the Teachings imparted to them in the materials described inside the Introductory Handbook and the first 9 Handbooks.

Ritualistic Initiation will start at this point where Degrees can be gradually given to the dedicated members, who will be recognized as the Initiates of Level 2. At the end of each of the 3 Cycles of Level 1, a Degree of the total 5 Degrees of Level 2 is given. The last 2 Degrees will be transmitted progressively. The 5 Degrees, jointly known to what they call The Phoenician Rite — a rite based on the following five Great Initiates and this is their chronological order of time:

  • Enoch (Phenok); a degree known as the Royal Arch of Enoch
  • Melchizedeck (Melki-Sedek); a degree known as the Order of Milki-Sedek
  • Hiram (Abiff); a degree known as the Council of Hiram
  • Pythagoras (Beth-Agor); a degree known as the Society of Pythagoras
  • Jesus Christ (Yāwshua Meshiha); a degree known as the Church of Christ

As a notice to be taken into consideration: the Great White Fraternity has nothing to do with the Great White Brotherhood (known also as the Great White Lodge) that is said to have appeared in the East and talks about Ascended Masters. That both Orders may have similar goals is correct, but not similar origins.


Written by the M.S.B of the Council of 12


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